Thursday, 27 February 2014

Juice Plus+

I haven't been around for a very, very, VERY long time. Fourth year just isn't a good year for me, far too much to do for my final honours year. It will all be over soon though - please pray for me!!Anyhow, I wanted to write this little blog post to let you know about one of the new loves/adventures in my life: Juice Plus.
Now, I'm one of those girls that have tried every diet under the sun. Five day slim downs, Atkins,  no carbs, restricting completely, Herbalife, but I never felt good or healthy on any of them. Yeah, a couple of them I shifted a few pounds, but it lasted about a week, it all went back on & it made me feel sluggish, tired & quite frankly disgusting.
Then a little babe walked into my life.. If you haven't heard of Juice Plus, well I have no idea where you've been. The product has been developed over the last 20 years and there are numerous testimonials all over the internet about its magic. It's a healthy lifestyle, that I was introduced to by one of my friends. It's not a diet, but a different way of looking at eating well altogether.

source: weheartit
Summer bodies are made in the Winter

The programme that I am currently on, is the juice plus complete +. On this I have two amazing shakes a day, filled with loads of different fruit of my choice, snacks & a healthy meal. I also take vineyard capsules which are filled with the goodness of 17 different fruit & veg. My diet is also both gluten and dairy free - hey Miley Cyrus soon to be bod! I've been on this programme for nearly three weeks, & I have lost 6lbs of fat, gained muscle, reduced my body fat percentage significantly already AND the capsules have helped my acne prone skin, as well as begin to strengthen my hair & nails due to the anti oxidants. I'm full of energy & no longer have dull blemished skin! Best of all? It doesn't break the bank. My plan costs me as little £46 a month for both the shakes & the capsules. I don't even want to think about how much I used to spend on Starbucks croissants for breakfast & paninis for lunch across the month!
source: weheartit
Basically, Juice Plus, I love you.
If you're interested in knowing more about Juice Plus, or you're wondering how to get yourself involved, feel free to email me on I want to share this gem with the world! Or you can leave a little comment below & I can get in touch!
Have you tried Juice Plus before?

Stay lovely,
Kirsty xo

Friday, 25 October 2013

Jeffrey Campbell: Frefoe

So, I thought I would share these absolute beauties that have walked their way into my life.
I have been a Jeffrey Campbell adorer for I don't know how long, & never owned an actual pair. Admittedly, there are a few Lita dupes sitting in my closet, & I always thought if I was going to invest, it would be a not so popular/duped pair. However, when they're reduced, my heart can't take it.

TA DA, meet Jeffrey's 'Frefoe'.
Again, pondering around town before a shift at work - I really should just go to work on time?! - I wandered into Office realising they had a mid season sale on, and there they were. Staring at me from across the room, one size left. They looked tiny, and admittedly my heart shattered into a million pieces as I still ran over for a neb. The heavens cried as I realised they were a size 6, it was meant to be. I glanced at the price and genuinely squealed with excitement, £150 down to £55. BARGAIN.
They are gorgeous black platform boots, with a kind of lace embroidered detailing up the back of the heel. They are of course your standard lace up Jeffrey's with a big chunky toe. Jeffrey don't do subtle, hunny. I really like them because they are not as overdone as the Lita. Don't get me wrong, I will always adore the chunky toe/wooden heel combo, but I've not seen these about the streets of Edinburgh as much.
I had my first outing in them to my friends shop opening party - more on that later, exciting! - & I was surprised at how comfortable they were. I do feel that they are on the larger size of a 6, but nothing a cute frilly sock can't help. The platform makes it feel like you're walking in wedges, & the amount of compliments I had on them/how tall I looked, move over Cara!

Quick photo of them in force with my favourite girls at the grand opening of XOX heat!
Did you pick up any bargains in the Office sale? What's your favourite Jeffrey Campbell's?

Stay lovely,
Kirsty xo


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Topshop Review: 'Whimsical' Lipstick & 'Gleam' Highlight

So, as I was pottering around town killing time before another Monday shift at work, I popped into Topshop. I found myself wandering over to the make-up section & mysteriously came home with these two new friends.  The first is a Topshop lipstick in the shade 'Whimsical' & the second a highlighting polish in the shade 'Gleam'.
 'Whimsical' lipstick £8, 'Gleam' polish £9 - Topshop
 I've had a few products from the Topshop make-up range in the passed and have especially had a soft spot for the lipsticks. I can't help but adore the cute packaging either!
So, let's start with the lipstick I grabbed. This is a shade that I have been looking for since I can remember. I always remember seeing it slapped on a lot of blogger & youtubers lips before I even began blogging myself & fell in love with the peachy 'your lips but better' shade. With that being said, anytime I went into the Topshop in Edinburgh, it was nowhere to be seen. This was the first time I seen this particular colour stocked in the Edinburgh store & I whipped it up in no time. I absolutely love the shade of 'whimsical' for everyday on the go lips. A quick swoosh & you're pretty much ready to go, no need for mirrors or the precision required with a bolder lip. It lasted an average amount, however it did find itself drifting away quite progressively as I sipped my morning Starbucks.
My only pitfall of this lipstick is that it was incredibly drying on my lips. That being said, I find this with a lot of lipsticks, & it can be avoided for a longer period of time with a dab of lip balm prior to application. I'm not sure if I'm just being pernickety because I have been lusting for it for so long? Maybe, who knows. All in all though, I'm a happy little chicken that we are finally together.
The next little doll that caught my eye, was this highlighter 'polish'/cream in the shade 'gleam'. Now, I have never tried a highlighter cream as such, as I have always stuck to what I know (Benefits High Beam, Illamasqua's powdered metal & Mac's Soft & Gentle) but I thought I would give this a bash. This particular highlighter comes in two shades. After much deliberation, I went for this one as the other was more of a rich bronzey toned gold & I felt this would sit better on my skin. After swatching it quickly on my hand, I thought that it looked very pretty & gave a subtle 'gleam' (ahem!) & would maybe be an everyday competitor to my trusty Soft & Gentle.

After trying this out on my face, I'm in two minds. I found it quite hard to blend on top of my foundation without feeling like I was dragging it off of my face. It did give a slight highlight to the tops of my cheekbones & brow bone but nothing too dazzling that would make me shout about it from the rooftops. I think it's an alright product, but it is no way knocking Mac off the top spot! I definitely will try this out a few more times with a different method of application & perhaps a little patience & see if any miracles occur. Maybe it's just me & my preference for powder highlight, perseverance is key!
Have you tried any of these products? What's your favourite piece from the Topshop make-up line?

Stay lovely,
Kirsty xo


Tuesday, 15 October 2013


It's that time again when I say sorry for being a bad person & being away for a bit. However, there was good reasoning, as I was sunning myself (well, not so much) in Ibiza with my best friends! Since I've been back I've been catching up with my Dad like crazy, as 11 days without going to visit him in hospital was nearly too much for me to handle - one point, a flight home was considered - & throwing myself back into university! I've been photographing some amazing new products & items I've been buying & hope to have all these up for you very shortly.

I've missed blogging a lot, & I'm in a complete mood to get back into the swing of things - oh motivation you do come round at the strangest of times! So in the meantime, here is some photos from the amazing holiday!

We stayed in San Antonio in the Kanya Apartments. The apartments were lovely, the service not so much, but we were in Ibiza so we didn't really care! The weather was incredibly warm for the end of September/beginning of October & the boys even more so! Many hangovers were had & I am seriously having withdrawal symptoms from a full breakfast from fatso's cafĂ©! I hope you enjoy the wonderful iphone photos - Ibiza is not a place for my Canon's!


Anyone else having serious holiday blues?
Stay lovely,
Kirsty xo

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #1

I thought I'd kick this sparkly new feature off with a beauty edition.

giorgio armani 'face fabric' // benefit's 'they're real' mascara // mac lipstick //

Just to depress myself even further about the fact I have zero pence to my name, I decided it was appropriate to sit on polyvore & create wishlists. Yupp, not one of my brightest ideas.

I feel like I haven't treated myself to a new make-up splurge in soo long, when really it was only a few weeks ago. Nothing makes me feel more special than coming home with a large bag of new goodies to splash on my face! Today's picks are Nars heavy if I'm honest. I've only ever had one item from Nars & it was a lipgloss a while ago - I know, I know I haven't had my hands on the blusher yet. I am a bad blogger, however I intend to change this soon. My eyelash stash is ridiculously obscene compared to the average girls, however it is looking a little too bare for my liking. Losing my 50% discount on Eyelure when leaving New Look was a hard blow which I am still recovering from.

So yeah, if any nice fellow that I may or may not be talking to is reading this, hello..

Are their any blogger favourites you are yet to try?
Stay lovely,
Kirsty xo

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Throwback Thursday #3

Here it is, the third weekly installment of my throwbacks. 

Today's photograph is of a very questionable waistcoat that was apparently the hottest thing circa 1995. I think I'll take your word for it, Mum. This was my Mums go to hairstyle for me because my mane was ridiculously hard work to do something with everyday when I was running around like mad. Ponytail with the front slightly quiffed with a glittery gold clasp I loved. Sorted.

Do you have any cringey waistcoat numbers from your past?

Stay lovely,
Kirsty xo

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Throwback Thursday #2

So last week marked the momentous occasion of a new weekly feature on my blog: Throwback Thursday! An unlikely thing has happened, & I have actually kept it up for two consecutive weeks, hoorah! I'm learning.

Since there has been a somewhat freakish heatwave here in the UK which has even managed to reach Scotland, I have saluted you with this Summery number. This photo was taken on a big family holiday to Majorca when I was 3/4. There was the most amazing family run ice cream place there that we visited so many times. It was still there when we went back a few years ago! My Dad said I would stand there everyday for about twenty minutes, face to the glass cabinet pointing at different flavours asking what they were. Everyday it would end the same & I would say 'anilla!' So predictable!

What was your favourite ice cream?

Stay lovely,
Kirsty xo